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What is Web Design?

Sounds simple, right? But web design in digital marketing has evolved as quickly as mobile phones have evolved in the last 15 years. No longer is your website a "nice to have" or a place for all of your facts and content to live.  Instead, your website is a must have and it should serve one of two purposes, generate leads or generate sales.

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When designing a website there are a number of critically important areas to consider in order to maximize the potential of generating leads or sales. Things like the written copy, colors, fonts, layout, shapes, spacing, images and videos. But there is also more technical consideration for functional elements like:

  • Navigation

  • User Interactions

  • Animations

  • Speed

  • Site Structure

  • and cross-browser & cross-device compatibility


Websites promote you 24/7: No employee will do that.

-Paul Cookson


Great web design is critical to taking your business to the next level. But it doesn't just stop with great design, built for functionality. It needs to be easy to maintain and upgrade.

We'll build your website using cloud-based platforms that give you a powerful and user-friendly administrator portal so that you have the option, at any point, to take your website into your own hands. 

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