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What is Content Production?

Content production is a strategy and a system, not an individual deliverable. But what comes out of that strategy and system is your deliverables. These can be written, visual, audial, print, digital, and many combinations in between.

There are three main types of content:

  • Cornerstone Content, authoritative covering a single topic in a definitive way.


  • Gated Content, content in exchange for something, involving a transaction of information or money. ​

  • Evolving Content, regularly produced and reoccurring content, built to create awareness.


Each type of content lends itself to a specific strategy for engaging an audience and frequently it is beneficial to use more than one type of content in your content strategy.​

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Andrew Davis | Digital Marketer, Bestselling author & Keynote Speaker


The goal of content production, as a marketing strategy, is to build trust and authority with an audience and to eventually convince them to buy. Not every piece of content should have a sales pitch in it. Rather they should, typically, take the form of value add content for the customer that works to positions your business as the expert, entertainer, or business of choice when it does come time for them to require a service that you offer.

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