About Maxx


Maxx is a marketer and communicator that enjoys solving interesting problems. In the past 10 years, Maxx has solved problems inside small and medium businesses, consulted for start-ups, and launched two of his own businesses. Maxx and his wife, Rachel, have a 4-year-old son, Elam, and a baby girl, Emilia. They reside in Marshall, Minnesota.


What I've Helped Build


Director of Marketing at Benaiah Co.

Responsible for the organization's marketing activities and oversees the development and delivery of a fully integrated marketing strategy for the business. Drive the development and execution of all brand, product, communication, and marketing activities to meet short and long-term strategic objectives and responsible for the overall customer brand experience. Nimble and responsive to help bring products to market quickly, increasing sales conversions, and improving customer engagement.


Governing Board Member at Hope Harbor

Leadership meetings, serving as volunteer marketing advisor, supporting the leading and direction of the ministry.

JAN 2019 - MAY 2020

City Rebranding - Marketing Advisor Committee Member

The City of Marshall invested 75K-100k in rebranding services from a specialty agency out of State. I, along with a handful of city staff and local business owners, served on the selection and oversight committee and then on the smaller creative and launch committee. I was one of three local marketing advisors to steer and shepherd the rebranding and ensure the process executed properly and in the best interest of our community.

JUL 2017 - DEC 2019

Founder of The Rise Media

Planned, created, and executed a multi-channel media company that executed quarterly print magazines and bi-weekly podcasts. Wrote, produced, designed inside each print issue. Audio engineered, edited and disseminated bi-weekly podcasts. Built an engaged community through social media and live events.

DEC 2014 - MARCH 2018

Digital Marketing Specialist at Ralco

Responsible to help plan, create, and execute marketing programs across all marketing communication platforms including web, print, e-mail, social media, video, trade show, etc. Established testing, measurement and tracking for marketing activities and optimize the return on marketing investment. Served as a brand steward to ensure all communications are clear and cohesive within the brand strategy and positioning in support of both domestic and international marketing needs.


Branding - 7 years, Digital Marketing - 6 years, Social Media Management - 7 years, Web Design - 7 years, Copywriting - 7 years, Blogging - 7 years, Content Creation - 7 years, E-Commerce - 6 years, Social Media Marketing - 7 years, Facebook Advertising - 7 years, Public Relations - 6 years, Email Marketing - 7 years, Content Marketing - 5 years, Adobe Creative Suite - 7 years, Content Management - 7 years, Google Analytics - 6 years, Google Search Console - 5 years, Google AdWords - 5 years, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) - 4 Years, PPC Campaign Management - 5 years, SEO Tools - 4 years, WordPress - 6 years, Adobe InDesign - 7 years, Content Development - 6 years